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Where do you ship to?

We currently only ship within Australia and New Zealand.



Where are your collections made?

Our signature Earthly hand knitted collections are lovingly created by talented artisans in Australia. 

We also carefully search the world to bring you other beautiful, unique items of clothing and accessories. Some of the countries that supply us include, but are not limited to:

Peru, United States, and Korea.



How should I care for my items?

We always recommend hand-washing our Earthly hand knitted range to ensure your heirloom items last the longest they possibly can.

Gengerally speaking, our hand knitted items don’t need constant washing, airing them out is sufficient. Alpaca yarn releases stains quite readily. In the even of needing to wash your item please follow these instructions: 

1. Wash in a tub of cold or lukewarm water only, with a small amount of wool wash or natural (non perfumed) baby shampoo. Washing in warm or hot water will result in shrinkage or the yarn matting together. 

2. Move around gently to loosen stains. Do not rub

3. Lay item between two dry towels, and roll to gently remove excess water. 

4. Whilst damp, gently reshape and lay on a flat surface to dry

5. Do not: Soak, bleach, wring, hang on washing line or tumble dry.

*Kindly note that most hand knitted items will "bloom" once immersed in water. This is a natural characteristic of most yarns, giving the item of clothing a sweet "halo" of fuzz.

As for other items in our collection, please refer to the individual care instructions that are attached to the garment.

Why are some care labels in a different language?

We take a lot of time to search the world to bring you beautiful unique pieces. Naturally some overseas labels will have their care instructions in their local language. Trust that these labels also have internationally recognized symbols that can be quickly and easily accessed online. Our website also has care instructions available for a particular style, while stocks last.  



Why Alpaca yarn?

Valued for its beauty and silky softness, our baby alpaca yarn is not only environmentally friendly, it is also sustainable, and hypoallergenic.

Alpaca fleece is usually shorn once a year and comes in a range of up to 22 natural hues! These colours can also be blended together to give even more variety, drastically minimizing industrial dying processes. 

All our yarns are completely organically natural in colour with the exception of our sweet 'Peony' colour way, which itself is very delicately and safely created.


Why is the Alpaca range more expensive?

In an effort to create high quality pieces that can lasts through the years, we use organic yarn and have it lovingly hand knitted especially for your baby. You can appreciate that this comes at a greater cost than mass produced, machine made items that come from overseas.


Reasons why we LOVE Alpaca:

- Exceptionally soft and luxurious almost akin to cashmere, Alpaca fleece has no lanolin and a very low 'prickle' factor.

- A large range of natural coloured fleece, which reduced the need for dying processes. 

- Since Alpaca fleece has no lanolin ( often responsible for allergic reactions ) it's hypoallergenic, and a great option for those who suffer reactions to sheep's wool. 

- Alpaca yarn is extremely light weight compared to sheep's wool and is warmer due to its insulating properties. Its natural thermal capabilities keeps your little one cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 

- It is highly durable, strong, lustrous and resistant to wear. With the proper care, garments can be worn for many many years.

- The yarn has the ability to release stains more readily that other fibers. 

- Alpacas are considered to be more 'Eco Friendly' than other fleece bearing animals because of their efficient eating habits, and need for less water and acreage requirements. 

- No lanolin means no harsh chemical processes are needed to refine the yarn. 


Do you take fleece from baby Alpacas?

- No. The term 'baby alpaca yarn' refers to the delicate fibers that measure at 22.5 microns (average is a courser 32 microns) it does not mean that it is shorn from a baby animal.


Are the animals treated well?

At Earthly, we pride ourselves in connecting with suppliers that rear, harvest, and operate in humane, ethical, and safe manufacturing processes, and that also minimize their impact on the environment.


Hand Made:

Why is my hand knitted item not perfectly uniform? 

We wanted to design and develop a special range reminiscent of items your loving grandmother or mother would make for your little one, with the same love and care in every piece. Hand knitted garments are perfectly imperfect and should be cherished for what they are. If expectations are in the way of machine made perfection, then these heirloom pieces may not be the right fit for you. 

Due to the unique nature of hand made items, stitching may appear a little irregular, items are not deemed faulty due to the irregularity of stitching and can not be returned based on this factor.